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Be Safe Connecting With Guides

The following is an excerpt from my book The Guide Book, available on

Not all beings are benevolent. I refer to the benevolent ones as beings and the malevolent ones as entities.

It’s vital to know who you’re working with when you connect and channel. This is why I strongly recommend only working with a trained channel if you’re connecting by choice. A trained channel and their guide can help protect you from entities who are attracted to you and want to cause trouble. A channel’s guide will be able to communicate with your guides on a different level and ensure that the only beings that come through to connect and speak with you are your true guides.

If you connect on your own by choice or chance, it’s a bit more difficult to ensure the same level of safety. If you choose to on your own, I recommend using a resource such as a book or meditation created by a trained channel. Often in these resources, the channel’s guide invites people to call on them for assistance in the connection process, and I advise doing so if it’s an option. You can also set sacred space, if that’s part of your spiritual belief system, in which to attempt the connection, and you can ask that a being you’ve worked with previously, such as an angel or deity from your spiritual path, be present to protect you.

Although a malevolent entity will try to trick you into believing they’re your true guide, there are certain traits and qualities that will give them away. No matter how careful they are to keep up the façade, it’s nearly impossible for them to hide their true nature for long.

If nothing else, the way you feel when interacting with them will give them away. An entity will leave you feeling drained and depleted, and you may have a visceral negative reaction to their presence, including possibly being physically ill.

A low-level or malevolent entity will often predict disasters and give specific details about the future. These disasters may or may not come to pass, and specific details about any future interfere with the human’s free will by pushing them toward a certain course of action. The entity may also stroke your ego by saying things like, “This awful thing will happen, but your vibration is so high it won’t affect you and you should feel sorry for the people with lower vibrations.”

Alternatively, the entity might diminish your ego through insults and demeaning talk. One friend of mine had a negative entity pretending to be a guide and constantly heard things like “You’re so stupid, why won’t you listen to me?” and “You’ll never get anywhere if you don’t do what I say, because you’re too incompetent.” My friend was also threatened with physical harm if they didn’t listen to the entity. These are not things a genuine guide would ever say to the human they’re working with! If you’re receiving threats, insults, and demeaning talk, you are not speaking to a true guide.

Entities might also suggest or encourage courses of actions that will harm you or others. The friend I mention above was told by the entity to engage in self-harming behavior and to “get revenge” on people who had hurt them. An entity might also push you into conflict with other people to separate you from those who love you so you have to rely on the entity.

In some ways, a connection with a malevolent entity is very similar to an abusive relationship with another human. And just as it can be hard to recognize someone as abusive in the early stages of a relationship and can be complicated to leave them even when you realize they’re abusing you, recognizing an entity as malevolent and separating yourself from them isn’t always easy. But you can learn to distinguish your genuine guides from entities, and you have the power to end a connection with an entity when you choose to do so.