What Is Channeling?


Channeling is a process by which a human connects with a being of higher energetic vibration (think an angel, being of light, or spirit guide) to receive guidance and wisdom. Some people channel only for themselves; I choose to offer channeling to others.

I work with beings of light called Shiva and Pietkela, whose compassionate guidance has brought me a long way in my own healing journey. Shiva is very warm and compassionate, and thanks to years of working with me comes across as almost human. Sometimes he even makes jokes! Pietkela is more obviously not-human and can be abrupt at times, but he’s learning through the experience of working with me and has access to an extremely broad base of wisdom and understanding. You’ll be able to choose which of them you would prefer to speak with if you have a channeling session; if you have a connection session or channeling instruction, Pietkela will be the one working with us. Scroll down for a video of a session!

Let us help you as you embrace your inner power and create a life in your highest benefit!



What channeling isn’t:

** Channeling is not communicating with the dead; I won’t be able to tell you anything about friends or family members who have passed away. (That’s mediumship, and there are wonderful trained mediums who can help you if this is what you’re seeking.)

** Channeling isn’t a psychic reading or divination; Shiva and Pietkela won’t give specific details about the future, because the future is changeable and giving details may cause you to take a course of action you wouldn’t have taken otherwise, which interferes with your free will.

** Channeling isn’t just us talking at you; it’s a dialogue, not a monologue My guide and I will help you identify aspects of your life that might benefit you to change and coach you through recognizing your inner power and determining next steps to take. They encourage you to express your thoughts and ask follow-up questions. Think of my guides as discorporate mindset coaches with a far broader perspective than any human could have.

** Channeling isn’t only about my guides giving you the answers. At times, rather than answering you directly, they will guide you (see what I did there?) to finding the knowledge and answers within yourself. Their role isn’t to tell you what to do but rather to help you make that determination.


Private Sessions

You sit down with me over Zoom. You have questions. Concerns. You want guidance.

The session begins with me entering a relaxed state. And then you ask your first question–and receive an answer that surprises you but feels perfectly right.

Channeling with us is a dialogue, not a monologue. My guides will want to hear what you have to say and hear your questions and opinions, both because they want to be of highest benefit to you and to be sure your free will and consent are respected, so at times they’ll pause and wait for you to speak before continuing. Also because of free will, at the beginning of the session, they won’t just start telling you things. They know what you want to ask and need to know but believe telling you without your explicit consent would violate your free will, so they’ll wait for you to ask a question out loud as an indication of your consent.

I offer channeling by relay, in which I’m fully conscious and speaking to you but am passing along exactly what Shiva or Pietkela is saying to me; or by trance, in which I’m in a light trance state and allow my guide’s consciousness to use my body to speak to you directly. (This is not possession, because it is done with my full consent and I am able to end it at any time.) If we do relayed channeling, I’ll let you know when my guide is ready to begin; in trance channeling, he will introduce himself and greet you, then wait for you to ask your first question. You’ll be able to choose which type of channeling you prefer when you schedule your session.

In a channeling session, I generally work with my guide Shiva, a being of light, but at times Pietkela will be the one with whom you and I will be speaking. When you schedule your session, you’ll have the option to decide which of them you would prefer to work with, or we can decide and let you know at the beginning of the session. Occasionally one of them will tell me beforehand which would be more helpful to you with your current situation, and I will discuss that with you when you arrive for our session.



This is a trance channeling session with Shiva; the client consented to have it recorded for use on my website.







To help you decide which of my guides would be a better fit for you:
** Shiva tends to speak in a more humanistic way and encourages clients to discuss their thoughts and feelings. At times, he shares his own emotions as well. He can be more abstract in his phrasing, in part because he likes to get clients thinking about what he says and what they’re asking since sometimes this helps the client recognize their inner knowing and find answers and solutions within themself. His compassion and warmth is evident to anyone who speaks to him, and it is genuine.

** Pietkela tends to be more analytical and concrete. He also will encourage you to share your thoughts and emotions but is unlikely to express emotions of his own. To some clients, he comes across as blunt or abrupt, which is not always beneficial for clients who have felt dismissed or negated in the past; although that is not Pietkela’s intention, his way of phrasing and speaking can give that impression. Although he experiences compassion toward others, it isn’t always apparent when he speaks, particularly if I’m channeling him in trance. Because of this, I primarily only channel Pietkela by relay, though I am able to channel him in trance if the client has a strong preference.

During a session with us, you might feel the energy shifting. For people who are sensitive to energy, this shift may be intense and can feel uncomfortable, but it won’t harm you. Shiva and Pietkela are benevolent beings who wants to help your growth and progress, and sessions with us are entirely safe. Even for those who aren’t sensitive to energy, the energy shifts from a channeling session can cause issues with remembering the questions you want to ask or what we tell you, so I recommend coming to a session with at least 2-3 questions written down as well as taking notes during the session.



Sessions are available for 30 minutes or 1 hour. Investment for a 30-minute session is $80 and for a 1-hour session is $150.

These sessions currently are done over Zoom, and include time to process with me for clarification if wanted. You may opt to have me record your session and send you the recording afterward. If you choose not to have the session recorded, it is strongly recommended that you take notes during the session.


Use my online calendar to schedule your 1-hour or 30-minute session, or Contact Me to schedule!


I also offer channeling by email. Send me up to three questions, and I reply within 2 business days with Shiva’s response. Email channelings include the option for one follow-up email for clarification. Cost is $75.

For an email channeling, please use the PayPal button below and include your questions in the Notes field on PayPal, or use the Contact page on this website to send them. Also please be sure to include the email to which you want me to send your channeling!








Channeling sessions and related services with RiverEvolutions are for entertainment purposes only. No information expressed or conveyed is intended as legal advice, therapy, or counseling. River Lightbearer and Shiva are not licensed professionals and do not intend any information to be used to replace professional mental or physical health or legal services. To respect free will, Shiva and Pietkela will not give detailed predictions of the future, though they may allude to potential futures, and will only answer questions about the person having the session and their relationship to situations with others in their lives. Any negative consequences of actions taken by a client as a result of a channeling session are the sole responsibility of the client.