Book Release Channeling

Coming Soon: The Guide Book!

Earlier this year, I sat down to write a book about guides. Or, rather, I sat down to collaborate with my own guides on a book about guides.

That book is complete, and will be released on September 28!

The Guide Book includes information about guides and connecting with them, as well as how to know whether you’re talking to a genuine guide and ethical considerations when you work with your guides. There are introductions channeled from my guides Shiva and Pietkela, the ones with whom I work when I channel for others and teach channeling, and each chapter also includes a section I channeled from Shiva.

Here’s a short excerpt from the book (one of the sections channeled from Shiva):

Guides choose to work with humans for the benefit of both the human and the being. It is part of a path to spiritual growth for both.

There are several different types of beings who work with humans. Among them are spirit guides; beings of light; angels; light beings, and ascended masters. Not all of these beings act as guides to individual humans, however. Some simply speak with humans, but are not their guides.

A guide is a being who has chosen to work specifically with one or more individual humans. This is more of a collaboration than instruction. The guides both teach and learn from the human. When this occurs, it is often something determined at the human’s soul level prior to incarnation, and the human and being may have worked together in previous of the human’s lifetimes.

The purpose of a guide is to facilitate and contribute to the spiritual growth and understanding of the human. For this reason, a guide may advise a human to make choices or take courses of action the human would not have considered on their own, and which may cause mild discomfort for the human. This, too, is not done out of malice, but without pushing and discomfort, growth does not occur. A guide will not push the human beyond the human’s capabilities, though the human may feel incapable, and will not advise any actions which would be harmful to the human. They may, however, push beyond the human’s comfort and advise actions which feel frightening to the human.

However, a guide will also support the human in following that course or making that decision. Guides do not tell you what to do and then leave you to do it. We remain with you to offer support, assistance, and further guidance as requested. You are never alone in following guidance given to you by the beings with whom you work.

We are always with you to support you in following what we have advised, or following whatever course of action you choose even should it run counter to what we have suggested, for beings do not judge you. We do not condemn you for ignoring or refusing our guidance. We will support you in any course that does not involve intentional harm to yourself or others.

Truly, even if you choose a course which involves intentional harm, we will not judge you for it, though we will strongly advise you against it and may make effort to prevent you from following that course. However, that advice or action comes without judgment and merely from our wish to protect you and others and to bring you benefit and positive growth.