Energy Healing

Everything Is Intertwined

The thing about energy, your mind, and your body is that they’re all interconnected. Anything that affects one affects all three.

For example, let’s say you’re a child on the playground, and someone knocks you down. You skin your knee. You have a physical injury.

But you also have an emotional injury. Someone knocked you down, and that hurt you. Maybe they did it on purpose, or you don’t know whether it was intentional or not, but it hurt your feelings as well as your knee.

Both the physical and emotional injuries affect your energy system. In your energy field over the injured knee, there’s now a hole or rip. In your mind, the injury caused a range of emotions, and those emotions become energy that flows through your field, possibly blocking parts of it.

If you aren’t able to say anything to the person who hurt you, the energy of holding that in will affect your throat chakra, preventing energy from flowing through it properly. The tear in your energy field continues to affect your knee. 

Thirty or more years later, you might not even remember someone knocking you down on the playground, but you get strep throat two or three times a year, and your knee constantly hurts to the point that your doctor is talking about replacing it. And every time you go near that playground, you feel angry and start to cry.

The energetic impacts from that one incident on the playground when you were little have not only remained, but have also caused ongoing physical and emotional problems. 

Because what affects one affects all, restoring and repairing your energy system can have a beneficial effect on your mind and body. That’s the basis of the practice of energy healing. Energy healing repairs issues like rips and holes in the energy field, as well as removing blocks from the field and the chakras and restoring proper energy flow throughout.

Energy healing isn’t meant to replace medical or mental health care, but by treating the energy system, you can recognize and embrace the power to heal both from past experiences and from current issues. Energy healing brings balance and clarity, which has a positive impact on your overall well-being.

I offer distance energy healing sessions, in which I do the energy work from my location while you’re in your own. Since energy isn’t limited by space or time, a distance session is just as effective as one in which the practitioner and client are in the same place.

Sessions with me include consultation by Zoom before and after I do the energy work. This consultation may include mindset coaching around thought patterns that are keeping you from fully embracing the power to heal.

If you’re interested or want more information, please feel free to Contact Me or visit my Chios Energy Healing page.