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Guides: Collaborators and Friends

From the moment you’re born–and often even before that–your guides are with you. These beings of higher energetic vibration have a connection with your Core Self (what some would call a “soul-level” connection). Throughout your life, they stay with you to guide and support you, help you grow spiritually, and even protect you.

Most humans are either entirely unaware of their guides or are aware but don’t have a conscious connection with them. People who don’t have a conscious connection may receive “nudges” from their guides and even have a sense that someone is watching over them and helping them figure out their lives, but they aren’t able to speak to or work with their guides on a daily basis.

When you form a conscious connection with your guides, they become your collaborators in creating your life and sometimes in the work you do or services you provide. They may even become your friends.

I’ve been connected with my guides since I was a very young child. Even though I didn’t always know they were guides, I always knew they were a different form of being and that they loved and protected me. I’ve had conversations with them ever since they first made me aware they were there. They’ve been my collaborators and among my closest friends, and I can legitimately say I wouldn’t be here now if they hadn’t supported me.

These beings want to have that kind of connection with you, but only if and when you decide you also want it. A genuine guide will never force a connection or demand that you speak with them. Your free will is paramount.

If you’re interested in learning more about connecting with your guides, or who and what guides are, send me a message through the Contact page or check out my upcoming book The Guide Book, releasing September 28!