Understanding Trauma

PTSD Doesn’t Lower Vibration

Trying to figure out where to start this post was complicated. I know some of my followers understand energy, vibration, etc., while some are new to the concepts. So I sat down to write and realized I needed to determine where to start so I’m not confusing people or repeating what they already know.

There are times like this when I get tangled up in my thoughts. The technical term is “executive dysfunction”; parts of my brain that are supposed to help with things like organization, decision-making, time management, etc. either don’t function the way they’re supposed to or simply don’t work at all. It’s a fairly common difficulty experienced by neurodivergent people and those with PTSD (which is a form of neurodivergence).

So what does that have to do with whether PTSD lowers vibration? Having executive functioning issues is an aspect of PTSD. According to some people, anyone with PTSD automatically has a lower energetic vibration, regardless of what work they’ve done toward healing. And there are also those who say that thinking things like “I have issues with this aspect of life” also lowers your vibration. These people go on to say that if your vibration is low, you can’t help anyone else, that you must raise your own vibration first. And, according to them, if you think about your trauma, talk about it, take medication, etc., you keep lowering your vibration instead of raising it.

That’s an extremely harmful mindset on so many levels I can’t even break it down, because this blog post would be so long no one would read it. Let’s just say that while the trauma itself–the experiences and their immediate aftereffects–do lower energetic vibration, and living with PTSD can affect your vibration, PTSD doesn’t automatically mean your vibration is low. And thinking or talking about the trauma you’ve experienced also doesn’t automatically lower your vibration, especially if you’re thinking or talking about it so you can heal from it. You can’t heal from what you deny or ignore. But there are those, unfortunately, who claim that you have to deny or ignore that your trauma has affected you if you want to raise your vibration.

That makes no sense to me. Denying that something happened when it actually did happen is, to me, dishonest. Dishonesty does lower your vibration. Healing cannot occur if you refuse to acknowledge what you’re healing from. That doesn’t mean dwelling on the events of the past, nor does it even mean you have to remember everything that happened. But you do need to acknowledge that *something* happened, and that it caused an impact on your mind and body.

Medications do not automatically lower your vibration either, especially if they improve your health and/or ability to function. Anything that supports and facilitates your health, healing, and well-being raises your vibration, because the act of healing and maintaining a positive level of health and well-being supports your energetic vibration as well.

And being on a healing journey doesn’t mean you can’t help others. It means some people are at a point beyond what you’re able to work with; but other people are at the point you used to be at, and those are the ones you can help. Those are the ones you can support in their journeys–while you continue on your own journey. Showing that you are on this journey, demonstrating that you use the tools and skills you offer to others, admitting that you have work to do but also showing that you do it–all of that helps other people, because you show them that they, too, can heal. They can progress. And they, in turn, can help others as well.

As for the executive functioning issues and other difficulties that people with PTSD or neurodivergence might experience, those also don’t mean you can’t help others. They mean that you might have to find different ways to do things. For example, I have a really hard time following strict schedules, but at the same time, if I have no schedule at all my brain grinds to a halt. I’ve learned to schedule certain tasks each day, but then allow myself freedom within a certain time range to do those tasks instead of scheduling each task for a specific time slot. Being able to choose what I want to start with, do next, etc. helps me actually get things done.

Having these difficulties, living with PTSD, etc….none of it inherently lowers your vibration, particularly if you’re willing to acknowledge and work on the impacts they have. And none of them mean you can’t help others.

Though sometimes they do mean your blog posts are a bit disjointed…