Within each of us lies a great power. The power to determine who we are, progress in our healing journey, and create the life we want to live. The power for change.

Connecting with that inner power isn’t always easy, especially when it’s been obscured by trauma. Sometimes you need guidance and support to find the power within you and learn to work with it rather than fearing it. Sometimes you need someone to support you through change.

That’s where I and my guides, beings of light called Shiva and Pietkela, come in. 

We can help you identify the thoughts and beliefs you carry that hold you back from allowing yourself to be a priority in your own life. In a channeling session (click those words to go to the Channeling Sessions page for more info) or through email channeling, we will offer you guidance and compassion on your path. Shiva and Pietkela’s role is to guide you to finding the power and answers within yourself, though they do answer questions as well. However, some types of questions won’t receive an answer, or at least not the kind of answer you might expect; the Channeling Sessions page has a list.

After a session with us, you will feel heard and supported, and you will leave with some practical steps you can take to get past the patterns that hold you back and begin to change your life. (Please note I am not a mental health or medical professional, and, as disembodied beings, Shiva and Pietkela have not received the relevant training. We do not treat or diagnose trauma or mental or physical health issues. We are likewise unable to provide legal advice.) Think of it as sort of a cross between a reading and coaching. You can also watch a video of a channeling session to see how they work.

For those who want to work consciously with your guides, for your own benefit and/or to provide channeling to others, I also offer one-time sessions and an 8-week course to help you connect with your guides and learn to channel. (Click those words to go to the Channeling Instruction page.)

And on my Freebies page, you’ll find downloadable materials that will help you on your path.



Questions? Schedule a complimentary 30-minute inquiry call or Contact Me for more information!


Healing is possible. Change is possible. And you have the power.


I’m River Lightbearer, your compassionate catalyst

(Also known as Kim Ramsey-Winkler.) For years, I’ve been on my own journey of healing and connecting with my inner power. I’ve been supported by Shiva, Pietkela, and my other guides, beings who have worked with me since childhood and even in previous lifetimes. Through this journey, I have gained confidence in myself and my abilities. I’ve learned to manage and cope with the effects of traumas I’ve experienced throughout my life. I’ve developed a deeper understanding of who I am and what I need. Most importantly, I have learned to believe that I matter and that I deserve to live a life in which I am able to prioritize my needs over the wants of others, and in which I feel heard and loved.

As a trauma survivor, I have worked to understand my own trauma-based patterns and responses as well as studying how trauma affects and alters people’s energy, mind, and body (including the physical brain) in general. I am not a licensed professional, but I use this knowledge to guide me as I support other survivors in their healing journeys. I’m also experienced in working with people who are neurodivergent (as I am myself) and who have sensory processing issues including auditory processing deficits and touch-aversion. As a nonbinary, polyamorous human, I welcome those who are LGBTQ+ and/or whose relationships and lives are what some might describe as “alternative.”







(Note: I am not a licensed medical or mental health professional and do not offer or claim to offer medical or psychological diagnoses or advice. Likewise, I am not qualified to offer legal advice. The services I offer are not intended to substitute for traditional medical, mental health, or legal services.)