You Might Be Wondering…


Why do I have to pay for this? Shouldn’t these gifts just be shared?

Some practitioners do believe that healing, channeling, and other such services are gifts from the Divine, and therefore people shouldn’t be charged to receive them. However, although the training to learn and offer these services might not be as rigorous or long as the education required to be, say, a teacher or doctor, it does still take time to learn and master the skills necessary to do this work.

I believe that just as other professionals deserve compensation, healers, channels, readers, and other holistic and metaphysical practitioners have right and reason to choose to request fair exchange for their services, and that one reason we are given gifts and talents is to enable us to support ourselves and our families if we so choose. Additionally, my early training included the belief that providing someone with a service or goods without some form of energetic exchange (money is an energetic exchange) creates a vacuum which may fill with negative or harmful energy.

For these reasons, I choose to charge for my services. However, if someone is unable to meet the rates I request, I am willing to work with them by reducing my rates or negotiating some form of barter rather than financial exchange.




How can I be sure you know what you’re doing?

For channeling, I studied extensively with a mentor who, along with the being of light with whom he worked, helped me connect with Shiva, the being of light who has been my guide through several lifetimes. My instructor and his guide then trained me for several months in entering trance, truly hearing Shiva, and being able to perform channeling sessions for others, as well as teaching ethical considerations in working with clients and students. I currently work with both Shiva and a being called Pietkela, who is also one of my guides, to provide channeling sessions. Pietkela assists me in instructing others in channeling.

I have studied Life Coaching, and hold a diploma in it from The School of Life Studies along with certificates in holistic counseling and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. I also hold a Master of Metaphysical Science degree from the University of Metaphysical Sciences, and am working toward my Doctoral degree.




I have a tight schedule. How long does a session take?

Channeling sessions are either 30 or 60 minutes. You have the option to continue a brief discussion for up to fifteen minutes after the session for processing and clarification; that time is not factored into the length of a session.

Guide connection sessions last about 30 minutes, while a channeling instruction session is approximately 90 minutes. If you choose to enroll in my 8-week channeling course, each weekly meeting takes approximately one hour.




How do I know you aren’t faking channeling?

To be honest, you don’t. But there is evidence that what I do is genuine, real, and effective. Nearly everyone who has had a channeling session with me has felt the energy shifts, as heat and/or tingling. In channeling, this is particularly noticeable when Shiva or Pietkela is present. Words can come from human brains. Many of the signs of trance channeling, such as my eyes remaining closed and even the lower pitch, slower pace, and accent of “my” voice when Shiva or Pietkela is using it, could possibly be faked, though I have tried to mimic their voices when I am not channeling and have been unable to do so. But there is no way to fake changes in the energy of a space.




If I’m not satisfied with your services, do I get a refund?

Not usually. Once you have completed a session or received your email channeling, refunds will not be issued at the client’s request under any circumstances. However, a refund may be issued if I am unable to complete your session once it has begun, or if I am unable to provide your email channeling within two business days of receiving your questions. 

For the channeling course, generally once you have paid the enrollment fee, I will not issue a refund. However, if extraordinary life circumstances prevent you from completing your study, you may contact me to discuss a partial refund of what you have paid. This decision will be made on a case-by-case basis.




What the heck is channeling?

Channeling is a process through which a human connects with a higher-vibrational being, such as a being of light or an angel, in order to share that being’s wisdom and insight with others. It is *not* the same as mediumship, in which someone communicates with departed spirits.




Why do I have to start my channeling session with a question? Don’t you and your guides know what I’m going to ask?

I don’t know what you’re going to ask, since that isn’t part of my skillset. Shiva and Pietkela do, but they believe free will overrules everything else. Asking a question to start your session indicates to them that you’re there of your own free will, understand what the session entails, and are open to the responses.




I forgot, or didn’t understand, what was said during my session or in my email channeling. Can I have another for free?

No. You’ll be able to review your channeling with me at the end of an in-person or online session, at which time I can clarify to the best of my ability. You are solely responsible for remembering what is said, which is why I offer to record the session through Zoom. If you opt not to have the session recorded, I strongly recommend you take notes.

For an email channeling, you have the option to send one follow-up question to clarify our responses to you. This follow-up email must be sent within a week of receiving your initial email channeling.




If Shiva and Pietkela are the ones answering my questions, why do I have to pay you?

Channeling is a learned skill involving months or years of practice and study. I put time and work into learning to provide this service. I am available to discuss and clarify your channeling session or email channeling once it has occurred; therefore, Shiva and Pietkela aren’t the only ones doing the work. Additionally, due to the energy shifts that occur when my guides are present, channeling takes a toll on me physically, energetically, and mentally. And you are also paying for my time; even when I’m in trance, my physical presence is still necessary.




Why won’t Shiva and Pietkela tell the future or talk to me about friends, family members, or loved ones who have passed on?

As mentioned above, Shiva and Pietkela believe that free will overrules everything else. Giving you specifics about your future might cause you to take, or not take, a course of action that wasn’t originally on your path. This in turn will alter the future about which they have told you, as well as violating your free will by leading you to a course of action you would not otherwise have followed.

Although to Shiva and Pietkela all times exist simultaneously, they are aware that for humans it doesn’t work that way. They know what future events will occur at any point, but from our perspective, the future is very changeable. They may be willing to give a generalized answer about what the highest probability future holds at the time of your session, but that, too, might change over time.

If they were to give you information about another person without their consent, it would violate their free will. They will answer questions about your role in someone else’s life, but not about that person’s life. For example, “Why is my partner in such a bad mood lately” would be met with a refusal to answer, but “How can I help my partner be in a better mood” would be acceptable.