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We all tell ourselves stories about who we are. Stories about how our lives have to be. But those stories often don’t come from us; they’re the remnants of what people have said or done to us in the past. This short workbook will help you recognize the root of the stories you tell yourself and begin the process of working with your inner child to heal and create a new story for your life.





Empaths fully understand what someone else is feeling–because they experience the feeling along with the other person. This is a common trait among healing practitioners and people in caring professions. Sometimes the gift develops due to trauma; other times, it’s simply an innate gift. If you’re an empath, learning to manage your empathy and shield yourself against bombardments of other people’s emotions is vital.





All humans have an energy system consisting of an aura and seven major energy centers, or chakras. These energy centers govern parts of our bodies and personalities, along with other aspects of our lives. When our energy system is out of balance, so is our well-being. Learn about your seven chakras, how to know if they’re out of balance, and ways to bring balance back to your life.





For trauma survivors, some of the practices and procedures used in energy healing, mindfulness, and other metaphysical practices can be difficult and can even lead to retraumatization. This resource offers a brief overview of why this happens and how practitioners can adjust and modify in order to better serve survivors of abuse and other trauma. This is not intended as a resource on treating trauma.





Gender isn’t about what your body looks like or what anatomy and biology you have. Gender is your internal sense of who you are. Not everyone is male or female; gender is a spectrum, not a binary, and people may identify with being anywhere along that spectrum. As practitioners, it’s our responsibility to help all of our clients feel safe, and this includes accepting and respecting their gender. This short resource offers some tips and suggestions for crafting and maintaining a gender-inclusive practice.





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Rev. Kathy Medeiros Wedding Officiant, Psychic Medium, and Reiki practitioner based in southern Massachusetts
Theresa CrabtreeCreator of the SoulCleanse® The SoulCleanse is a powerful method of energy healing and releasing demonic entities. The goal is to assist with your path of spiritual awakening.


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Coworks at Vita Therapia, 234 Littleton Rd. Suite 1B, Westford, MA


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Chios Energy Healing, by Stephen H. Barrett. Available on Amazon
Channeling: The Power of Connection, by Christopher S. Harris
Conscious Creation: Your Life, the Way You Want It, by Christopher S. Harris
Empathic Mastery, by Jennifer Elizabeth Moore. Available on Amazon