To support trauma survivors and others in reconnecting with their inner power to heal and create a beneficial life, River Lightbearer offers sessions of channeling and energy healing as well as instruction in those practices. As a neurodivergent polyamorous nonbinary trauma survivor, River has extensively studied and researched trauma and is experienced in working with people who are neurodivergent, as well as people who are LGBTQ+ and/or live lives some might consider “alternative.”

Channeling Sessions

You sit down with me over Zoom. You have questions. Concerns. You want guidance. The session begins with me entering a relaxed state. And then you ask your first question–and receive an answer that surprises you but feels perfectly right.

In a channeling session, I work with one of my two being-of-light guides, either Shiva or Pietkela. When you schedule your session, you’ll have the option to decide which of them you would prefer to work with. Shiva tends to be more emotion-based in his thinking and the information he conveys, though still objective and nonjudgmental, whereas Pietkela is more scientifically-minded. If you are unsure of which would be preferable for you, feel free to ask for more information about each of them, or they can decide and inform me which of them will be the more beneficial choice for you.

Channeling with us is a dialogue, not a monologue. My guides will want to hear what you have to say and hear your questions and opinions, both because they want to be of highest benefit to you and to be sure your free will and consent are respected, so at times they’ll pause and wait for you to speak before continuing. Also because of free will, at the beginning of the session, they will wait for you to ask a question out loud as an indication of your consent.

Sessions are available for 30 minutes or 1 hour. Investment for a 30-minute session is $80 and for a 1-hour session is $150. These sessions currently are done over Zoom, and include time to process with me for clarification if wanted. You may opt to have me record your session and send you the recording afterward. If you choose not to have the session recorded, it is strongly recommended that you take notes during the session.

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I also offer channeling by email. Send me up to three questions, and I reply within 2 business days with Shiva’s response. Email channelings include the option for one follow-up email for clarification within one week of receiving the channeled message. Cost is $75. For an email channeling, please click the button below to complete payment through PayPal. Be sure to include your questions in the Notes field on PayPal, or use the Contact page on this website to send them. Also please include the email to which you want me to send your channeling!



Guide Connection Sessions

Each of us has guides, beings who are with us from birth–and even before–to help us through our lives. It isn’t a one-sided thing, though; these beings grow and progress through the connection as much as we do!

Not everyone is aware of their guides, and even those who know their guides are there aren’t always consciously connected with them. My guide Pietkela and I have developed a process to guide you into a conscious and intentional connection with your guide so you can speak and work with them whenever you wish.

Through a guided relaxation exercise and meditation/visualization–which may be done with your eyes open or closed–Pietkela and I take you through the creation of a conscious bond with your guide of highest energetic vibration. Pietkela’s energy protects you and ensures that only your own guide will be able to work with you in this session. Afterward, you’ll receive a recording of the session, including the guided visualization.

You’re strongly encouraged to eat something light and drink a glass of water prior to the session and to have a snack and water available at the end to help ground you after the energy shifts you’ll experience.

A connection session lasts about 30 minutes and is $100.

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Channeling Instruction

I define channeling as receiving guidance and information from higher-vibration beings and sharing it with others (or recording it for yourself) through written or verbal means. Having a conscious connection with your guides enables you to have conversations with them; channeling is the next level and takes instruction and practice.

In an instruction session, Pietkela and I will take you through the connection process as described above and then guide you through a short trance induction, which puts you in a relaxed and very light trance state, enabling you to more clearly hear and relay your guide’s words. Instruction in full trance channeling is also available to those who have received instruction as described here; we can discuss it after your session if you’re interested!

A channeling instruction session lasts 90 minutes, and you’ll receive a recording for your reference along with a separate recording of the trance induction for use in practicing channeling. This session is $250.

If you want to go more in-depth, consider my instructional course. In this course, you’ll work with me once a week, for about an hour at a time, for 8 weeks and practice the skills in between meetings. This course will help you form and/or deepen your connection with your guides and learn how to channel verbally and in writing for yourself and others. You’ll learn the connection process to form or strengthen the connection between you and your guides, the relayed channeling induction, and the trance channeling induction, and will receive MP3 recordings of all three. We’ll also discuss the ethical considerations of channeling for others.

If you want to incorporate channeling in your personal spiritual practices or your business practices, or if you want to offer channeling sessions to support others in their spiritual or healing journey, the course is for you! Investment is $1075, and I require a complimentary 30-minute inquiry call to answer any questions you may have and determine whether we’re a fit to work together.

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If you are interested in the 8-week course, please Contact Me to schedule your inquiry call.


Energy Healing Sessions

Feeling stressed? Out of balance? Just want to relax? An energy healing session can help restore clarity and balance and allow you to unlock the power to heal!

During an energy healing session, using a modality called Chios, I tap into Universal energy and your own energy system’s inherent healing power to repair energetic flaws caused by illness, injury, trauma, and stress. These experiences can create blocks or imbalances in your energy, which in turn cause issues in various aspects of your life. Energy healing brings relaxation, restoration, and clarity by removing the blocks and rebalancing your energy system, and this can lead to improvements in focus and in other parts of your life. It isn’t a cure-all and I don’t treat or diagnose medical conditions, but by repairing your energy system, your body’s own innate power to heal can be activated. 

Due to current circumstances, I only perform energy healing by distance, with consultation over Zoom before and after the energy work. Distance work is equally as effective as hands-on, and some clients have experienced more benefit from a distance session than an in-person one! A distance session is $100 and lasts approximately one hour including consultation.

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Channeling sessions and energy healing services with River Lightbearer are for entertainment purposes only. No information expressed or conveyed is intended as legal advice, therapy, or counseling. River Lightbearer and their guides are not licensed professionals and do not intend any information to be used to replace professional mental or physical health or legal services. To respect free will, Shiva and Pietkela will not give detailed predictions of the future, though they may allude to potential futures, and will only answer questions about the person having the session and their relationship to situations with others in their lives. Any negative consequences of actions taken by a client as a result of a channeling session are the sole responsibility of the client.