General Understanding Trauma

Things You’ll Never Hear Me Say

Things you will NEVER hear me say as a spiritually-based practitioner:

– “Have you tried meditating?”

– “If you really want it, you’ll figure out how to pay for it.”

– “It’s in the past. Get over it.”

– “Only positive vibes!”

– “You chose to be sick/traumatized.”

– “If you think about the negatives, you’ll bring negatives into your life. That’s why bad things have happened to you.”

I have seen/heard all of those and more from coaches and other practitioners who call themselves spiritual. They choose to weaponize spirituality–and, often, choose to externalize their own self-hatred and self-blame–in order to “coach” people.

I don’t consider myself a coach. I’m a channel, which means I work with beings of higher energetic frequency to receive and convey wisdom, understanding, and compassion. Many of the people who have sessions with us are survivors of abuse and other trauma and are working to change their views of themselves so they can improve their lives. So given that, of course, coaching often does happen in a session with us. I even call my guides “discorporate mindset coaches,” which amuses them even though they don’t consider themselves coaches either.

I’m also a trauma survivor. I also live with a chronic physical pain condition. I also live with depression and anxiety disorder. None of those things renders me unable to do my work or unable to help others, because I receive treatment and support and do the work I need to do within myself so that I can help others.

And because of my history and what I live with, I will not work with any practitioner who says any of the things I quote at the beginning of this post, and I damn sure will not BE a practitioner who says any of those things. Because I have seen–and personally experienced–the invalidation and harm those “sentiments” can cause.

If you’re curious about what channeling is, or what I mean when I say I do it, I’m now offering “bite-sized sample” channeling sessions. 15 minutes for 50. Message me if you’d like more info, or use my online calendar to schedule.