What Are Oracle Readings For?

Oracle cards are a tool for receiving guidance and insight about your life. These cards include messages that give you encouragement or information about situations in your life, including things about yourself that might be holding you back.

When you’re figuring out the next steps in your life, sometimes it’s difficult to figure out what will be in your best interests and highest benefit. We sometimes have trouble seeing this because of mindset issues or things from our pasts that are holding us back and keeping us from seeing clearly. 

Oracle cards can help clarify these things. The cards are objective, but at the same time, because energy is involved in the reading, the cards you draw or someone else draws for you will be relevant to your situation.

Oracle readings don’t tell the future. They aren’t meant as a predictive tool, though sometimes the cards’ messages are relevant to your near future rather than what’s going on with you right now. The cards also won’t tell you what to do; you aren’t likely to pull a card that says “It’s time to change jobs,” for example.

Instead, a card might give you a message such as “Change is coming, consider your options,” or “Meditate and you will find the answer.” Or it might encourage you with a message like “Through this dark time, trust that you’ll arrive in the light.” 

These cards are one tool that can help you clarify and plan the next steps to take as you work to create and evolve into your best life. You can buy your own oracle deck and pull cards for yourself, or have a reading done by someone else, or both. These readings won’t give you all the answers, but they will help you find the answers for yourself.

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