You Know Yourself Best

Finding information and guidance is easy. Just go onto social media and you’ll find dozens of practitioners, coaches, psychics, and others who are happy to tell you what you should do and how you should do it.

But how do you know whether they’re right? How can you tell if you should listen to them?

That’s where your Core Self comes in. You might call it your soul or something else. This Self is the intrinsic part of you that has always existed, regardless of how many incarnations you’ve had or even whether you’ve always been human. It’s the deepest part of you, the piece that’s unaffected by your daily life or by experiences in your current lifetime.

This Self knows far more than you consciously realize. It’s the seat of your intuition and your wisdom. When you feel something with absolute certainty even if it doesn’t make logical sense, it’s your Core Self giving you input.

External sources, even your own guides, can give you information and suggestions, but they can never know you as well as you know yourself. Your Core Self has full knowledge and understanding of who you are and what you need.

When you receive guidance or input from one of those external sources, pay attention to how it feels in your mind, body (if you’re connected enough with your body to be able to identify physical sensations), and energy. Trust these things. No matter what anyone else says or who you’re hearing it from–including your guides and even the Ultimate Creator–if it feels wrong, pay attention to that feeling. That’s your Core Self guiding you to the most beneficial course.

It might sound odd or even wrong to say that your Core Self knows more than guides and the Creator, but it’s the truth. That Self is who you have always been, and it knows better than anyone else can what is most beneficial and most ideal for you. So work toward trusting it, because when you learn to trust and work with your Core Self, you’ll find that more and more, you’re steered in the right direction.