“We’re Guides, Not Answer-Bots”

The title of this post is a quote from my guide Shiva when I asked him to help me explain to a client why they wouldn’t just be handed all the answers during a channeling session. Although Shiva chose his phrasing to amuse me, because I was a little frustrated with myself for not being able to explain clearly to the client, he did mean what he said.

Our guides are not with us to tell us what to do. When someone else tells us what actions to take and gives us all the answers, we don’t learn or grow. Instead, we do what we’re told and maybe listen to what’s said, and that’s it.

In order for us to actually learn and grow, we have to do the work. That means sometimes we have to find our own answers instead of having them handed to us. Sometimes we have to determine our own best course of action instead of someone else telling us what it is.

In a channeling session, whether I’m working with Shiva or with Pietkela, we will answer some of your questions. But my guide will also sometimes turn the question back on you or answer you with a question of their own. This isn’t because they don’t know the answer to what you’ve asked; it’s because they know that you also know the answer and they want you to connect with the part of yourself that holds that knowledge.

A channeling session, at least with my guides and me, isn’t like a psychic reading or card reading. It isn’t intended to just amuse you and give you tidbits of information. It’s intended to help you think about what’s going on in your life, identify what might be holding you back, and decide what to do about it. We don’t give you predictions of the future; instead, we help you plot a course to create the future you want to have. You have the power to find the answers you need. My guides and I are here to help you find them.