You Have the Answers

Within each of us lies a well of power. The power to determine the course of our life. The power to create the life we want. And the power to know how to make that happen.

Many of us have lost touch with that inner power, especially if we’ve experienced abuse or other trauma that has led us to distrust ourselves. When you’re told over and over again that you’re powerless, it is not at all easy to believe or recognize the power you hold. We haven’t actually lost our inner power. It hasn’t been taken away. It’s just hidden from us by our experiences.

Some of the clients who come to me for channeling sessions are looking to have all the answers given to them. They want someone else to tell them how to solve their problems or construct their lives. There isn’t anything wrong with wanting that, but having someone else do the work for you doesn’t serve you.

In a channeling session with my guides and me, you will receive some answers. But you’ll also be guided to reconnect with your own inner power. You’ll hear replies but you’ll also hear questions designed to help you consider what you’re asking and what the options might be.

Guides aren’t with us to tell us how to live our lives. They’re with us to help us learn and grow. To help us connect with our inner power and use that power to create our lives. Sometimes that means not giving us the answers we think we want, because they know that we actually already have the answers. We just have to listen to the part of ourselves that holds them.

It’s absolutely fine to seek help in finding answers and solutions in your life. We all need help with that from time to time. But there’s a difference between someone giving you the answers and someone helping you find them. In a channeling session, we help you find them, because we want you to remember that the ultimate power is within you.