Channeling Personal

Charting Your Own Course

I’ve been talking with my guides since early childhood. Back then, of course, I didn’t know they were my guides. I just knew they were my friends. They protected me, advised me, helped me cope with bullying and abuse…They were the only consistently beneficial beings in my life.

There are a lot of things about being a human in the society in which I live that either don’t make sense to me or are completely outside my awareness. (It may be autism, it may be trauma, it may be a combination. That’s a different topic, though.) Because of that, throughout my life there have been things I just plain didn’t know how to do.

At those times, when I asked other humans for help, I was often told that “everyone knows that, you know how to do it, stop looking for attention.” That became even more frequent as I got older, because people tend to expect teens and adults to know how to operate in the “real” world. Of course, since the issue is in my brain–things “everyone” knows are not things I know unless someone has actually told me–even now at age 51, there are still things I don’t know or don’t understand. And I still sometimes get “stop lying, everyone knows that” when I ask for help.

But my guides don’t say that kind of thing to me. They know me better than any human; sometimes I think they know me better than I know myself, though they tell me that isn’t correct. When I tell them I don’t know something or don’t understand it, they believe me, because they know it’s true.

However, that doesn’t mean they always tell me flat out how “humaning” works. Sometimes they give me an actual answer, but more often, they encourage me through the process of either figuring it out or finding a workaround…or, sometimes, deciding whether it’s something I actually need to understand, or just something other people have told me I should understand. They aren’t with me as social coaches or life coaches or any of that. They’re with me to help me learn and grow and heal, and those things don’t happen when someone else feeds you the answers.

Whether you’re consciously working with your own guides or receiving channeling from someone else and their guide, you aren’t likely to just be handed all the answers. Guides want us to learn because that’s one of the purposes of life; they want us to recognize and embrace our own power because if we don’t believe we have any power in our lives, how can we grow and heal? 

Guides…well, they guide, hence the name. They offer suggestions. They ask questions designed to get the human thinking about what might work and how. They want to help, but they believe that the best way to help us is to encourage us to help ourselves. They’ll give us ideas and advice, and they will always offer compassion and support, but they want us to learn to chart our own course in life.