It’s Your Choice

My guides don’t tell me what to do.

When I started working with them consciously, I thought they would tell me what to do. I was waiting for them to give me directions and orders. Sometimes I got annoyed when that wasn’t what happened.

But that isn’t the role of a guide. A genuine guide will not tell humans what to do, because genuine guides are firm believers in free will.

Every sentient being has free will. Although it may not seem like it, everything we do is a choice. (This does NOT mean we choose things like illness or abuse, because those are not things we do, they are things that happen to or are done to us.) You might say you have no choice about whether to go to work, for example, but you actually do; you just don’t like the alternative of not being able to pay your bills. Going to work instead of not working is a choice, regardless of why you’re choosing it.

Guides work with us to help us learn and grow, and part of that means helping us recognize and embrace our free will. So when they offer guidance, it’s just that: guidance. Suggestions. Advice. Not commands, and not “you have to” or even “you should.”

Your guides may encourage certain courses of action or nudge you in a certain direction, but you do not have to follow what they say or go where they nudge you. You can ignore them completely. You can do something entirely different. It is up to you.

Of course, guides will offer you information and suggestions that are in your highest benefit, so listening to them is a wise thing to do. But it isn’t a required thing. And guides will be the first to tell you that even they aren’t always right. Most of the time, when my guides tell me something, they are correct, but not always. Sometimes following my own choices instead of their guidance has been more beneficial for me.

(Then again, they’re guides, and they may very well have known all along that doing my own thing would be more beneficial…but that’s another topic entirely.)

You are never required to do anything, no matter who tells you to do it. Often, doing it is the safest or most beneficial choice, but it is still a choice. In your relationship with your guides, as in your relationships with other humans, you have full free will.