Guides Aren’t the Boss of You

Some of the channeling clients I’ve had have been taken aback when my guide has asked them questions and have asked them to consider other points of view. They expected my guide to give them all the answers and tell them what to do, and weren’t sure how to react when that wasn’t what they got.

Guides aren’t here to tell us everything. That, in fact, is the opposite of their purpose. They’re with us to help us learn, grow, and change, and none of that happens if we just sit back and do what we’re told. Learning, growth, and change happen when we realize that we have the power to figure things out and form our lives the way we want to live them.

The role of a guide isn’t to tell you what to do. If you’re talking to an alleged guide who gives you orders and gets angry if you don’t listen, that isn’t a genuine guide. Guides are with us to, well, guide us. They do give direct answers sometimes–as long as it isn’t about predictions of the future or about someone else. But they want us to recognize and use our own power, so often, they ask us questions intended to get us to think for ourselves.

Genuine guides are all about free will. They won’t do anything that will interfere with a human’s right to choose their own courses of action, even if they disagree with a human’s decisions. They will try to encourage us to make beneficial decisions and to try to avoid causing harm, but they won’t force us to listen to them.

Similarly, they won’t give us instructions and commands. Not only do they believe we have the right to make our own decisions, but they know that often, if a human hears something from a higher-vibration being, we follow what we’ve heard because of its source even if the idea doesn’t resonate or feel right for us. Obviously that would interfere with our free will, because we would make a choice we wouldn’t otherwise have made.

Many guides won’t give you any answers unless you actually ask the question. This, too, is about free will; even though they know what you want to know, when you ask a question out loud, you are indicating that you know what you’re asking and accept the results. Guides will, once you’ve asked, offer suggestions and their perspectives. They’ll point out things you might not have thought of and give you their opinion of how you should handle whatever situation you’re asking about. And, if they’re anything like my guides, they will then ask what your decision is.

Guides aren’t with us to enable us to put off responsibility for our decisions onto them or anyone else. They’re with us to help us accept our own power and agency and take responsibility for what we do and the results of our choices. Working with guides is about empowerment, not taking orders.