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“High-Vibe” Isn’t Always Positive

In talking about or teaching the concepts of energetic attraction (a/k/a manifestation or the “Law of Attraction”), people often state that in order to bring positive things into your life, you have to be positive all the time. According to them, if you think negative thoughts, feel emotions such as anger or fear, or say negative things, you’ll create negative outcomes in your life.

In other words, to their way of thinking, bad things only happen to people who don’t think “only positive thoughts.” Which is not actually how energetic attraction works.

Energy is drawn to energy. That is true. Energy has a vibrational frequency and is drawn to energy that vibrates at the same frequency. That is also true. You do bring to your life things that have an energetic vibration compatible with–though not necessarily the same as–your own.

But being all positive all the time does not equal high vibration. In fact, the mental and emotional contortions some people go through in order to think only positive thoughts can actually lower their vibration, because they are not being authentically themselves. They’re developing a facade based on what they’ve been told they’re supposed to do, think, and feel. Even if it isn’t intentional dishonesty, it is dishonest to pretend or force yourself not to feel or think things that are considered negative.

That doesn’t mean we want to walk around swearing and yelling and punching walls. That would also lower our vibration. Part of raising our vibration over time involves learning to manage our responses and reactions to our emotions and to the external factors that contribute to those emotions.

But you can’t learn to manage what you don’t acknowledge. If you refuse to let yourself feel anger, how can you manage anger effectively? If you never allow yourself to be afraid, how can you learn to overcome your fears?

Having a high vibration isn’t solely dependent on what we think and feel. There are a number of factors that contribute to our vibrational frequency, and our vibration changes regularly depending on what’s going on in our lives, whether we’re ill, etc. But raising our vibration requires being honest and authentic with and about ourselves.

Some people are genuinely and authentically “all positive all the time,” and that’s fine. It is actually who they are. But for those of us who feel all the feels and think all the thoughts, forcing ourselves into the “only positivity” box is not going to result in the abundance we deserve. It’s only going to serve to lower our vibration.

As we learn to live as our true selves, we learn to acknowledge the parts of us that have been harmed and the emotions and thoughts that arise from those parts. We learn to work with them instead of against them. We heal–and we raise our vibrations and create abundance.