Conscious Creation General

Honest and Authentic

Some people are genuinely positive and happy all the time. This is their natural state of being. They don’t have to put work into it; it’s simply who they are. When they talk about feeling positive emotions and thinking positive thoughts, they are speaking their truth.

For many of us, though, “all positive all the time” is not who we genuinely are. We feel potentially problematic emotions like anger and fear. We think negative thoughts. We say things we regret later.

Sometimes this comes from a place of trauma. When you experience a traumatic situation, you’re impacted by it, and part of you may become wounded. These parts, what some refer to as their “shadow selves,” are often the seat of the negatives. And when we try to deny ourselves the right to feel difficult emotions or think negative thoughts, we cause further wounding to those parts.

Creating or attracting benefit in our lives doesn’t require us to ignore or deny any part of ourselves. While it’s true that higher energetic vibration brings high-vibration things into your life, thinking and feeling “negative” things doesn’t automatically lower vibration. When we are honest about what we feel and think, and learn to express those things in nonharmful ways, we bring healing to the parts of ourselves that those thoughts and feelings come from, and that helps raise our vibration.

On the other hand, denying aspects of ourselves, refusing to allow ourselves a full range of emotion and thought, or suppressing things until we can’t hold them in anymore lowers our vibration. Anything that requires us to be someone we aren’t or to hide any aspect of ourselves is inherently inauthentic or dishonest, and inauthenticity and dishonesty bring our vibrations down.

Learning to work with all aspects of ourselves doesn’t mean we get to do and say whatever we want. It means learning to manage our reactions. Learning to acknowledge the feelings and thoughts without letting them take control. Learning to say to those parts of ourselves that were wounded by being denied, “I’m not going to deny you anymore, let’s work together.”

As we accept those wounded parts and learn to work with and acknowledge them, to let them exist without taking us over, we heal. And as we heal, we raise our vibrations. Letting ourselves be ourselves is what helps us bring abundance into our lives.